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His Origins (page 2)

The relation of journey, which he makes on this quite young colony of the end of the world, annexed in 1853, is written in a style, which doubtless owes its quality to youth readings. We shall be able to appreciate it because I suggest, letting speak about the author, imitating what till 1860 realized the Review " Le Tour du Monde" that is an illustrated regular delivery similar to one these serials of discovery of the finishing world whose XIX ° century is highlight.

This house perceived through trees, he had acquired it in the country of his wife in Beaujolais. In the attic we discovered many witnesses of adventures he went through ...and we shall use them. It is there that lived my wife since her birth until our marriage.

How many times my children and I and my wife but especially all the members of my in-laws have been supposed to passed under his portrait! Nevertheless nobody spoke a lot about him. It is the purchase of his" Journey to New Caledonia " and the diligent reading which determined me in to know more about it and in particular to go on the spot with my wife and during whole November 1998 to cross most possible paths among those he had stepped on in a hostile wilderness, surrounded with a frequently hostile population and where cannibalism was not an exception.

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