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Factories and Industry (page 5)

We will evoke, without the possibility of dwelling upon, alternatively :
- Paris overhead railway,
- Dianémomètre of MM. Deprez & Jules Garnier,
- Lithography of sea-bottom,
- Migrations polynésiennes…
Those are as many works and study to which Jules Garnier devoted himself during various periods of his life. The gathering of all these topics is incongruous only apparently for we can find the same passion there to face a concrete challenge and take it up methodically.

Paris overhead railway: the agenda of the meeting of the Company of Civil engineers on 06.03.1885 related very precisely to the discussion on the project of superimposed metro tracks that M. Jules Garnier had just explained to them and its weighing up with another project. The President concluded on the insufficiency of the investigation from the view point of preferences shown by population and parisian municipal administration for one or the other project and the fact that this discussion remained open. The talk, supplemented with cuts, views and plans, is articulated around the steps of construction, the study of rolling stock, the stops and stations, the composition of the network before establishing the estimate of the expenditure and a comparison with the subways of London, of Berlin, of New York and Philadelphia. To me it still appears better to listen to the author :

"The topic about setting up a railway network in Paris is opened, as one knows, since 1871. For this period of almost fourteen years this serious subject gave place several times to serious discussions to the which the most qualified engineers toke part and many projects occurred, related to the solution which it claims, One would be entitled, according to that, to suppose that all was known about the question, that the light is made upon all the points and that there is nothing more to do than start. The things, however, do not appear so advanced to us. The problem to be solved is more complex and the engineers who studied it have been able to agree only on few points; one could even say that the agreement is only unanimous on one point, namely :

That the means of transport in Paris do not match any more the needs for the public and that it is necessary to create new ones urgently. The main question is to know whether the railroad to be created must be established below or above ground-level; is not elucidated yet for, up to now, no project prevails over a direction or the other... Our principle is superimposing the ways in order to get more economic constructions and limit the place occupied by a set of tracks crossing a large city is not new, according to research we held since we thought it over. Nevertheless, nowhere found we any special steps to solve easily the regular flow of the trains in both directions, i.e. alternatively on both platforms; neither the solution of the case or two layouts of the railroad tracks network are crossing; nor, at last, the solution of two superimposed platforms forming a continuous belt not requiring the passage of the trains of the forward channel to the backward channel"

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